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PLUSH Water Purifier

₹ 19,990

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Purification Technology
  • ✔ RO + UV + UF + Alkaline


⦿ Multiple Purification
⦿ UV in Tank
⦿ Retains essential natural minerals
⦿ Kills bacteria & Viruses
⦿ 8 Ltr. storage tank
⦿ Built with Food Grade ABS material
⦿ Purification Display

UF Membrane: Removes algae, spores, cysts, bacteria, organic & inorganic polymeric molecules from water and delivers excellent quality of clear water.


ZENPURE Water Purifier can purify water 12 litres per hour. However, the time taken to purify depends on the Impurities present in water, input water pressure and life of filters.

ZENPURE Water Purifier has a storage tank capacity of 8 litres (approx.) The process of filling the storage tank is fully automatic and when you take water out of the tank, the purification process starts automatically and refills the storage tank.

During warranty period, two free preventive maintenance services will be provided at an interval of 150 days & 300 days. Breakdown calls will not be charged. Any consumables like carbon filter, sediment filter, UF Cartridge will be on chargeable basis. You need to call our customer care help line number which is printed on the back page of user's manual. Post warranty of the machine you have two choices for service contracts ACMC (Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Contract) AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract). Under ACMC all the spares including the consumables are replaced free of cost on as when required and in AMC only visit of customer care representative is free and spares are charged extra.

No it is recommended to drain the first cycle of water that is filled in the storage tank when the new ZENPURE Water Purifier is installed, and also whenever cartridges are changed.

In case there is no water in the storage tank we suggest following preliminary checks by customer a) Check if there is water supply. b) Check if there is power supply if answers to both cases are true, please call ZENPURE customer support center.

It is not recommended to open your ZENPURE Water Purifier and service it by Individual. Call our Clean Jal customer support center for any issues related to service & opening the machine.

In case of leakage from the purifier switch off the purifier. Check for any visual improper fitment like tap or connection to purifier.
Call our ZENPURE customer support number and register for a service request.

You can use stored water for upto 48 hrs. If it is not used for 48 hours we advise you to discard that water, refill and consume.

Best Water Purifier

Confirms to the most advanced drinking water quality standards for purity & safety.

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